The Prosperity Experience for Business:

success stories & testimonials


The Mackey Advisors Prosperity Experience for Business has the potential to be a life altering experience sure to help any business owner create a more prosperous future. The proof is in the success stories. Hear the benefits straight from business owners’ mouths: 


For Professional Service Firms:

Added over $155,000 to net income by improving direct margin per labor dollar over 77% in two and a half years. Identified and implemented $32,000 annual savings for a 5 year ROI of $160,000.


For Manufacturing Companies: 

Net profit improvement of over 100% in just 12 months. Increase in gross margin from 17% to 33% over a 12 month period adding $480,000 to net income in 12 months. A 2.22% reduction in overhead, resulting in an improvement of over $94,000 to the bottom line in 12 months.


For Distribution Companies:

Moved from 4 of 12 month sales funnel over target to 11 of 12 months sales funnel over target, resulting in over $150,000 bottom line improvements in 12 months. Improved cash terms and discounts adding $28,000 to net income in 12 months.