Mackey Advisors™  business definition services

Definition = Basic day-to-day Financial Functions


Accounts Payable Services

Paying bills is a hassle! Mackey Advisors streamlines your process, while keeping you in charge of who gets paid and when. With our Outsourced Accounts Payable services, invoices can come directly to us, or to your office and then transmitted via scan, mail, or simply dropped off.

We work with you to design an approval system that gives you confidence. We enter your invoices and once you have reviewed them, pay on the terms indicated. We respond to vendor inquiries and process employee reimbursements.

Accurate account classification leads to accurate financials. Accurate financials mean better financial decisions. Copies of your invoices will be linked to each transaction for easy review and to reduce your risk of fraud. Let us free you up to spend more time and energy growing your business.


Accounts Receivable Services

Billing your customers is one of the most important components of your bookkeeping department, and impacts your customer relationships. Mistakes here can be costly.

Mackey Advisors establishes clear receivable policies and ensures your invoices are accurate and timely. Our Outsourced Accounts Receivable Services can remit invoices, track payments, make deposits, and reconcile reports as frequently as needed. We send monthly statements and make follow up calls on past due accounts.


Banking & Credit Card Reconciliation

Periodic reconciliation is one of the most important tenets of basic bookkeeping. Mackey Advisors will reconcile your cash, loan, and credit card account records weekly or monthly. We automate wherever possible to make the data feedback loop fast and cost effective.

We prepare weekly cash headroom reports and quickly identify any unusual transactions that require your attention. You save time and money with improved efficiency.


Chart of Accounts Design

Your Chart of Accounts forms the basis for your financial reporting system. Mackey Advisors begins with the end in mind. We learn about your business, how it works, and design a Chart to give you usable, manageable data that doesn’t require an accounting degree to interpret.


Sales Tax Reporting

Sales taxes are gaining complexity daily. Mackey Advisors takes care of your sales tax reporting or other industry specific reports, such as occupancy, use, or excise.

If you need assistance with income taxes, we recommend resources to you. Mackey Advisors is not a CPA firm. We understand the language of CPA’s and this allows us to work seamlessly with your CPA or other income tax professional.


Payroll Outsourcing & Processing 

There are many national and local firms that do a great, cost efficient job of payroll processing and tax reporting. Mackey Advisors will help you find the right firm for you. Once you have a quality firm to work with, we’ll manage the rest of the details.

We set up employees, enter time sheets, transmit required data and allocate labor to job or customer accounts. We download the payroll summary and post to the appropriate accounts in your general ledger. We’ll work with your third party vendor to ensure all your payroll taxes are paid on time.

If you choose, we set payroll cost targets and trending metrics to keep you on track and in budget. We analyze payroll metrics to increase profits and help you grow your business.



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