The Prosperity Experience for Business:

frequently asked questions


How are you different from my CPA?

Simply put, your CPA looks at your past and we look to your future. We believe that your business is your greatest wealth building tool. Our job at Mackey Advisors is to serve as your Prosperity Coach, helping you realize the full wealth potential of your business.


What industries do you serve?

We serve primarily B to B companies. These companies are in the manufacturing, construction, real estate, wholesale, design & technology industries, among others.


What size companies are your clients?

We work with companies of all sizes but our target client has annual revenues between $1 Million & $50 Million and employs 10 to 300 people.


I think my CPA might see you as a threat to his/her relationship with us.

Our goal is not to replace your current CPA.  In fact many of our current clients were referred to us by other CPAs.


What is your hourly rate?

Our hourly rates range from $80 to $215 per hour depending on the level of expertise and knowledge required to complete the job.


How do you charge?

While we perform some engagements on an hourly billing basis, much of our work is done on fixed priced agreements so you know your maximum investment up front.


What is an advocate?

An advocate is someone whose sole purpose is to be there to support you.  We focus on your goals and give you the tools you need to achieve them.


Does your service generate ROI?

Yes!  We have helped many of our clients increase their profits.  By helping them to set up and track key performance indicators they have the information they need to determine where to focus their efforts to increase ROI.