Mackey Advisors Prosperity Experience® for Business


The Mackey Advisors Prosperity Experience® for Business is a four-phase program designed to open your eyes to what you really want out of your business life, and design a plan for exactly how to get there.


In the Prosperity Experience® for Business we untangle the mystery box of finance and accounting by aligning your strategic objectives with your financial reporting, measurement and accountability systems.  We answer questions and identity paths that you might have never realized were possible.

During the process, you’ll build your own business strategic financial plan based on the personal intentions you’ve set for your business and the inspiration from which they’ve arisen. No plan is the same. New ideas will lead the way. Rest assured… these aren’t the “same old” ideas your CPA dishes out each year in your annual review.

Your business is only as good as your team.  And your team only as effective as the clarity you provide. The Prosperity Experience for Business provides everyone the opportunity to see the vision, and develops measurements and accountability systems that inform your team of their progress.

The Mackey Advisors Prosperity Experience® for Business is designed to improve the financial and spiritual futures of business owners in any current financial position. Whether you’re just beginning to explore the benefits of business financial planning or you’re a seasoned business owner interested in maximizing or accelerating return, the Prosperity Experience® for Business will bring clarity, new ideas and results to your life. We’re so confident in this fact that we offer a total satisfaction, money back guarantee.


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