Have you thought about what “prosperity” means to you? We have. And we can help you find your way there. 


The Mackey Advisors Prosperity Experience® is a four-phase program designed to open your eyes to what you really want out of life, and design a plan for exactly how to get there.


Equal parts financial planning, investment strategy and life planning, The Prosperity Experience® will help answer questions and identity paths that you might have never realized were possible. During the process, you’ll build your own financial plan based on the personal intentions you’ve set for your life and the inspiration from which they’ve arisen. No plan is the same. New ideas will lead the way. Rest assured… these aren’t the “same old” ideas about money you learned growing up.

With the guidance of a Mackey Advisors team member, you’ll begin a year-long journey of self-exploration and financial decision-making. As your partner in The Prosperity Experience®, our goal is to help you find your own inner authority. We’ll be facilitating the emergence of your own financial intelligence, providing perspective, insight and our expertise in real time.

Our clients are so happy with The Prosperity Experience® process we have a 96.7% client retention rate.



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