Mackey Advisors™  business acceleration services

Acceleration = Forward Thinking Financial Results


Employee Incentive & Empowerment Plans

Non-accountable bonus systems do not motivate or inform your employees. Mackey Advisors develops self-funded employee incentive plans. These plans naturally empower and educate employees about how and why it is in their benefit to help the company make more money. Components of the system include employee training, forecasting, key metrics identification and reporting, and prosperity improvement programs to energize short-term goals.


Performance Management

Can you manage your entire business by reviewing a few key metrics (dashboard) weekly or daily? Does each employee have specific, quantitative standards by which their performance is measured regularly? Do your financials accurately reflect the profitability by product, service, department and customer?

If you answered no to any of these questions, a review of your performance management system is a worthwhile investment. Performance management frees you up to work “on” your business and empowers your employees to take initiative, deliver excellence, and drive improved results.


Predictive Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Key Financial Indicators (KFI) are key to keeping your fingers on the pulse of your financial trends. Mackey Advisors takes the next step with you and develops Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to drive improved results with and by your team.

KPIs are designed in a collaborative format with a select team of your choice. They are specifically chosen to drive improved performance and financial results.

While no one has a crystal ball, KPIs allow you to look more strategically into the future, and empower your team to improve performance. They energize, inform and empower more confident financial decisions.


Cascading Metrics

Imagine your entire team aligned with your overall enterprise goals. Mackey Advisors
using our proprietary Cascading Metrics technology, begins with your enterprise goals and cascades down into your departments and teams.

Cascading Metrics ignites the power of everyone in your organization by providing input and reporting to his or her department or team. You will be amazed at the increase in focus, accountability, and empowerment that is driven by this unique tool.


Make or Break Analysis

Do you know what your make or break is? Mackey Advisors will lead you through a process to discover the make or break of your organization. It is likely different than you think. Using the Make or Break process provides laser like focus to what has to happen for the organization to reach its goals. Once you have your Make or Break, we will design a custom reporting system to bring it to life within your organization.


Additional Mackey Advisors Special Projects

  • Business Line Profitability
  • Customer Profitability
  • Business Model Analysis
  • Collection Process Design & Implementation
  • Credit Policy Design & Implementation
  • Insurance Review & Re-pricing
  • Inventory Process Review
  • Profit Target & Establishing Company ROI
  • Cash Flow Enhancement
  • Interim Team or Project Management
  • Succession Planning
  • Strategic Plan System Design



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