The first step toward prosperity is looking within.

The second step… is action.


Congratulations! With the single click of a button, you’ve taken the first step on your road to personal prosperity!

Even before you connect with us directly, If you’ve reached this page, you’ve made a personal and financial decision: You believe the intentions you currently hold for your life might just be the reason why “you are where you are” in your money world.

Whether you’ve struggled to make ends meet or simply need clarity about which road to take next, you have an inkling that the answers and directions really lie inside. Now you just need to find them.

And we’d love to be your guide. 

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This recently updated edition of The Intersection of Joy and Money shines a clarifying light on the way money exists and grows within your life. Walking us through a 5 step personal journey of soulful self-discovery and financial self-actualization, Mackey helps us identify the root of our money issues, shows us how to articulate a personal intention for our future and gives step by step instructions for developing a clear, light-filled strategy for reaching our goals.

Mackey teaches us that the tangible elements of our external lives are almost always a direct representation of how closely our personal intentions and actions are aligned. By looking within to identify what really drives us and inspires us, we can create a step-by-step action plan for our financial futures that leads to joyful prosperity. Let this book be your map and Mackey your guide as you discover how to convert your inner most feelings into prosperity producing actions.







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