Ask Mackey | Cash Flow

For anything to grow it needs fuel. In business, that fuel is cash. The economic climate for most businesses is positive right now, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t having cash flow challenges. In fact, if you are growing, and especially if you are growing quickly, your main concern day to day may very well… Read More

What to Expect When You Are Expecting…Sales

Practical Prosperity for Business

Business owners are obsessed with one number in their business. You guessed it… sales. Every business owner wants to continue to grow their sales line. This number is the result that almost every business owner looks at each month. However, this number is only looked at after the results happen. If the result is negative,… Read More

Let’s Get Results!

Practical Prosperity for Business

We all want to see results from the efforts we put forth.  We want to know if all the saving we have done over the years has made our bank account larger, or if the healthy lifestyle we have been living is making our clothes fit better and our energy level increase.  As business owners,… Read More

A New World Deserves a New Type of Advisor

When I was young, my parents stretched their budget and forked over a lot of their hard earned money for an encyclopedia.  We were the only home on our street to own a set. My brother and I treasured these beautiful books.  What a blessing to be able to look up anything in the privacy… Read More