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Matt’s Monthly Money Must Do’s | June 2018

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Summer is here.  Yes, Summer!  Summer provides me mixed feelings.  It provides us with great weather, but it is also the name of my Canadian ex-girlfriend from high school who was a figment of my imagination.  Oh…you know you had one too!  Now on to the must do’s for June. Plan your summer staycations Now that [...]

Rediscover the Simple Things in Life!

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Sometimes keeping up with the Jones’ can be exhausting.  It is human nature to often fall into the same traps as our friends and neighbors.  If they go on exotic vacations, I must go on an exotic vacation.  If they join the country club down the street, I must join.  Truth is there are many kinds [...]

Tune Out Volatility. You Can Achieve Success Even in the Worst of Times

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Investment markets have reared their ugly head since early February.  After a time of prolonged quiet in the markets, investors are back to reacting to the news of the day.  The week of March 18th yielded good economic news, a positive outlook by the Federal Reserve, yet a 5.9% retreat in the S&P 500 due to [...]

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: 529 Plans Expand

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In December 2017, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, a sweeping $1.5 trillion tax-cut package, became law. College students and their parents dodged a major bullet with the legislation, as initial drafts of the bill included the elimination of Coverdell Education Savings Accounts, the Lifetime Learning Credit, and the student loan interest deduction. Also on the [...]

Matt’s Monthly Money Must Do’s | February 2018

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February…Love is in the air, everywhere I look around… February is probably the least appropriate month for Valentine’s day.  It is cold, dark, and gray.  What is romantic about that?  “Honey, let’s bundle up, brave the wet cold, and find a busy restaurant where people are talking loudly.  However, February is also known as the "creative [...]

Simple & Actionable Year-End Tax Tips

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At Mackey Advisors we are all about taking simple steps to maximize your financial well-being.  Each year some of the most beneficial steps often go unnoticed.  While filing taxes each Spring is important, planning for taxes each Fall is often MORE financially rewarding.  It’s not every day I come across a worthwhile article, however Kiplinger has [...]

Matt’s Monthly Money Must Do’s | September 2017

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The Romans were lazy.  That’s right, I said it: “Lazy”.  The typical response would be that, along with building an empire, Romans built highways, aqueducts, coliseums, etc.  Many of those basic designs are used today, as is the Julian Calendar, another brilliant innovation under the Roman empire.  How could they have been lazy?  Well, the Julian [...]

Matt’s Monthly Money Must Do’s | August 2017

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I was born in August some years ago.  Rather than just celebrate a day or week, I celebrate my whole birth month.  Granted, the celebration has changed drastically from when I was knee high to a grasshopper.  I no longer go all out for a day, but rather celebrate on a lower scale for 30 days.  [...]

Your Ever Changing Future Is No Place For A “Rule Of Thumb”

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Do you go to a doctor when you get sick?  Of course!  Do you take your car to the mechanic?  You bet!  This makes it interesting why so many people choose to act as their own financial advisor.  Having 6 different mutual funds might cause someone to brag about how they are diversifying, or perhaps a [...]

Matt’s Monthly Money Must Do’s | July 2017

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July is usually hot, stormy, and always unbelievably busy, so I can understand your financial to-do list usually takes a back seat.  I, however, think you can easily accomplish one of these tasks in less than 45 minutes out of the 44,640 minutes available in July. Re-evaluate your homeowner's/renter’s insurance Summer is usually a good time [...]