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Rediscover the Simple Things in Life!

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Sometimes keeping up with the Jones’ can be exhausting.  It is human nature to often fall into the same traps as our friends and neighbors.  If they go on exotic vacations, I must go on an exotic vacation.  If they join the country club down the street, I must join.  Truth is there are many kinds [...]

Planning Is Everything

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Entrepreneurs are born with a “Fire Now” gene. The Ready and Aim of it all is lost on us. The good news is we are wired for action.  The bad news is we often fail to think through the unintended consequences of our action or take the time to gain consensus with our team. Some of [...]

Matt’s Money Must Do’s | April 2018

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April is Financial Literacy month in the United States.  In 2003, Congress finally supported the idea of financial literacy month.  Because it was officially recognized by Congress, a big push was made from various non-profits and government agencies (National Financial Educators Council, Financial Literacy and Education Commission, and National Endowment for Financial Education) generated tools and [...]

Ask Mackey Episode 3 | 2018

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At Mackey Advisors we have been on a path of learning how to see our services through the eyes of our clients. This 180-degree change in perspective seems like a simple shift to dissect, however, our experience has been completely the opposite. We’ve hired consultants, followed the advice of multiple guru’s, engaged a process approach, and [...]

Is It Your People or Your Process?

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When there is a problem with quality, timeliness, or efficiency in a small business environment, it is often thought of as a people problem. I believe this is due to the fact that many small businesses have one person per role. There aren’t enough data points for an owner or leader to know the system is [...]

Analyzing the Good Stuff

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When I set a clear intention, the universe always conspires with me to help me create it.  That’s the good news.  The other news is the help often comes where I am least expecting it. At Mackey Advisors we have been on a path of learning how to see our services through the eyes of our [...]

Quiet Markets Turn Scary…Create Opportunity

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If you haven’t been paying close attention to investment markets, you might be now.  While the investment world spent the year 2017 plodding steadily upward with relatively low volatility, the New Year has brought with it over-exuberance in January followed by mild panic in February.  Needless to say, markets have definitely caught our attention over the [...]

Stop Making New Year’s Resolutions

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Stop making new year’s resolutions.  Start expanding joy. One simple idea to make more of every year. New year’s resolutions are just a way to look back on your year and feel bad.  In our excitement you over-commit, and before long it is February and you feel terrible about all the things you did once, or [...]

Is Your Business Getting the Respect it Deserves?

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Your business is your largest asset. It has the single most impact on: How you live How you retire How much fun you can afford What kind of home you live in How you educate your children What kind of medical care you receive In other words, it is a pretty big deal. Are you treating [...]

Matt’s Monthly Money Must Do’s | September 2017

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The Romans were lazy.  That’s right, I said it: “Lazy”.  The typical response would be that, along with building an empire, Romans built highways, aqueducts, coliseums, etc.  Many of those basic designs are used today, as is the Julian Calendar, another brilliant innovation under the Roman empire.  How could they have been lazy?  Well, the Julian [...]