Just Say No to Micromanagement

6 Steps to Setting up Accountability Systems

As a babyprenuer, I was an accomplished micromanager.  I coordinated day long retreats and got my entire team fired up toward our annual goals.  I would create BIG plans and set BIG goals. The team participated, sort of, but mostly they went along with what I wanted to do.  After all, I was the Boss…. Read More

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A Cybercrime That Could Bankrupt Your Company

During the summer of 2008, a different type of cybercrime was identified — corporate account takeover. It is costly and ranks among the fastest and most stealthy type of attack. Cybercriminals engaging in this activity surreptitiously obtain an entity’s financial banking credentials, use software to hijack one of its computers remotely and steal funds from… Read More

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Caring for Parents and Children – 5 Things to do NOW

The Sandwich Generation:  A colorful label for the people who find themselves providing financial, emotional and physical support for both their aging parents and their children at the same time.  According to a 2013 Pew Research Center report, nearly half of adults in the sandwich generation have a parent age 65 or older and are… Read More

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Change: Every Business Owner’s Least Favorite Word

Practical Prosperity for Business

  Change is inevitable. It can easily take anyone out of the comfort zone and into the fire. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Change can be calculated and it can certainly have a positive impact on a business. Every business can improve if it takes the right steps to make a positive… Read More


IRA Contributions

So instead of wasting your time trying to convince you how great they are, I would rather discuss the mechanics of how you take advantage of them. Devise a savings strategy and start the automatic saving. IRAs come in two flavors: Traditional and Roth.  Traditional IRAs are tax-deferred, i.e., money grows year-after-year without Uncle Sam… Read More


4 Simple Steps to Life Changing Affirmations

I was in the midst of changing my business model from a CPA firm to what we are today, The Prosperity People.  It was the right change for me and the right move for the business, yet leaving everything I knew and depended on to create something new was scary. No, more than scary, it… Read More

Love Living on a Budget

Passion and Work

“Why are you here?” I asked.  The Fortune 500 Executive responded, “Because I am burnt out and exhausted.”  “The company keeps reducing our department and adding more work load to those of us that aren’t cut.”  “I am working sixty to eighty hours a week.” “I want to find out how soon I can quit/retire.”… Read More


When & How to Ask for Financial Help

When is the best time to plant a tree?  Twenty years ago. When is the next best time?  Today. The same thinking applies to getting financial help. When is the best time to get financial advice?  Twenty years ago.  When is the next best time?  Today. Seriously, the answer is always earlier is better.  The… Read More

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Will the Paris Attacks Effect My Economic Future?

Practical Prosperity

I have gotten a few questions over the last week or so about the impacts the events on November 13th in Paris might have on our investments. Hopefully this piece will help paint a clearer picture of things if you have had questions or concerns.   Most of us watched news coverage of the multiple… Read More


Beliefs & Persistence, How do They Dance Together?

In talking with a fellow CPA recently, he said, “I have known many CPA’s who have tried, usually unsuccessfully, to start wealth management firms. “But I know of no others who have done so as successfully as you.” WOW. This took my breathe away. I closed my eyes and asked myself, “is this what I… Read More