7 Strategies for Helping Your Child Become Financially Independent

Andrea Murad | Entrepreneur.com

reposted from Entrepreneur.com by: Andrea Murad October 27, 2015 Life after college can be hard, especially when your child moves back home. High student loan debt and expensive rents, coupled with a low salary, can make living independently a challenge for someone just starting out. Parents can help their children get on their feet financially… Read More


Teach Your Children Well: Basic Financial Education

Even before your children can count, they already know something about money: it’s what you have to give the ice cream man to get a cone, or put in the slot to ride the rocket ship at the grocery store. So, as soon as your children begin to handle money, start teaching them how to… Read More


The 5 Most Valuable Money Lessons for Kids

Life isn’t about stuff.  The most important lesson a child needs to learn to lead a healthy money life is that stuff isn’t the most important thing.  A great way to teach this to your children is to lead by example, and have conversations with your kids about what their perceptions of rich and poor… Read More