My Kid is Going to Cost Me How Much!?

Time for a Financial Plan

News flash …. HOT off the press …. And one that falls squarely into the laps of the Gen Y / Millennial generation!!   Last week, the United States Department of Agriculture released its’ annual report that details the cost to raise a child from birth to the age of 18.  YIKES!!  This report doesn’t… Read More

Having Kids – Budgeting for a Baby

Part 2 of a 5 part blog series

This is a five part blog series focused on the financial aspects of having children.  Specifically, the issues one should consider prior to bringing a child into a family.  This is part two, Budgeting for Baby. To read the first, Having the “Serious” Talk, click here.  The last three blogs will be published at one… Read More

What is myRA?

New savings program for low- and middle-income families

Workplace savings plans survive the test of time   Work place savings plans, such as the 401(k) and 403(b), have proven to be highly successful in providing the best way for American workers to save for retirement.  They offer informative, cost effective means for employees to easily have money deducted from their pay on a… Read More

5 Keys to Smart Investing

Making decisions about your retirement account can seem overwhelming, especially if you feel unsure about your knowledge of investments.  However, the following basic rules can help you make smarter choices regardless of whether you have some investing experience or are just getting started.    Don’t lose ground to inflation It’s easy to see how inflation… Read More

The Shutdown’s Lesson

You Need an Emergency Fund

reposted from AP.orgby: Joseph Pisani, AP Business Writer NEW YORK (AP) — Let the government shutdown serve as a wake-up call: You need an emergency fund. Thousands of government workers were out of work for more than two weeks, causing many of them to fall behind on their bills. Although they will receive back pay,… Read More

14 Ways to Survive the Holidays Without Breaking the Bank

Anyone who knows me well is aware of the fact that I go a little overboard during the holidays. I overload on movies like Elf, A Muppets Christmas Carol, and A Christmas Story. I have the Pandora Holiday station churning out one-hit wonders, and old standards. It is also not uncommon to see my best… Read More

Small Amounts Can Add Up to Big College Savings

Small but frequent contributions to a 529 plan can mean a lot when it comes time to pay for college.

reposted from U.S. News & World Reportby: Reyna Gobel   Parents who stuff their children’s college funds with more than they can afford each month are setting themselves up for failure.    “Parents start off saving $500 per month, but then the car breaks down or they need new tires,” says Mackey McNeill, a certified public accountant… Read More

Health Care Reform – Insurance Exchanges

Open Enrollment Starts October 1st

Starting in 2014, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires the establishment of state-based American Health Benefit Exchanges for individuals and Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) Exchanges for small employers. The general purpose of these Exchanges is to provide a single resource in each state for consumers and small businesses to compare… Read More

Evaluate Investment Costs In College Savings Plans

Savings accounts in 529 plans tend to have lower fees than money market funds

reposted from US News & World Reportby: Reyna Gobel College savings accounts come with a price. When parents compare prices on 529 plans, tax-advantaged college investment accounts, they’re looking at what are known as average costs. The average cost represents what the average investor pays, but there a lot of choices within 529 plans that can… Read More

IRS and Treasury Department Provide Guidance on Same-Sex Marriage

The U.S. Department of the Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) have announced that same-sex couples who are legally married in jurisdictions that recognize same-sex marriage will be treated as married for all federal tax purposes. Guidance has been provided in the form of a Revenue Ruling (Rev. Rul. 2013-17) and associated Frequently Asked… Read More