Bellevue Taps Lead Fundraiser to Bring Red Bike to Town

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reposted from: River City News by: Michael Monks March 12, 2015 Bellevue has appropriately turned to the head of Mackey Advisors, the Fairfield Avenue-based financial management firm, to lead its fundraising efforts to land Red Bike stations in the city. Red Bike is the bike-sharing non-profit that is spreading throughout Cincinnati and will soon creep into Northern [...]

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Mackey Advisors brings experience, new look to Bellevue

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Written by: Amanda JoeringThe Community PressAugust 10, 2012 For the past 30 years, Mackey Advisors has been meeting the financial planning needs of individuals and businesses throughout the Tristate. Now, the business has brought its services, and a new look, to a historical building along Fairfield Avenue. Owner Mackey McNeill started the company in the basement [...]

The Journey to a New Building

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Over a year ago, we began looking for a new home for Mackey Advisors.  If I had known how difficult this journey would be, I would have likely said,“I think I will pass.”  The road to our new space has been filled with potholes, detours, missing map pieces and lots of orange barrels! We have two [...]