Ask Mackey | Cash Flow

For anything to grow it needs fuel. In business, that fuel is cash. The economic climate for most businesses is positive right now, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t having cash flow challenges. In fact, if you are growing, and especially if you are growing quickly, your main concern day to day may very well… Read More

Ask Mackey | The 3 Signs

Approaching a railroad crossing when the train is on the nearby track, you are faced with flashing red lights, a red and white stripped cross bar, a big X sign that says, Railroad Crossing.  DO NOT PROCEED is clearly the message! You have the same kind of warning signals in your business, if you know… Read More

Ask Mackey | The Right Tools

Like many young women, I learned to cook watching my Mother.  By the time I left home, I was pretty good too. My love of cooking was fostered in two ways.  One, I loved to eat.  And two, there was nothing better in my book than sharing a meal with family and friends.  What I… Read More

Ask Mackey | Back to Basics

To kick off 2017 I am going to be boring! New years are for fresh starts, and the best way to start anything is by building the basics. That’s why I will be spending my first blog post of 2017 talking about accounting. So many entrepreneurs settle for mediocre or poor accounting, and this keeps… Read More

Ask Mackey | How to Change Your Life

Does life happen through you or to you? Are you moving toward what you want or away from what you don’t want? What you are choosing? These seem like simple questions. But how you answer them has a profound difference in how your life or business unfolds and how much joy you experience in every… Read More

Ask Mackey | A New Advisor for a New World

When I was young, my parents stretched their budget and forked over a lot of their hard earned money for an encyclopedia.  We were the only home on our street to own a set. My brother and I treasured these beautiful books.  What a blessing to be able to look up anything in the privacy… Read More

Ask Mackey | Say No to Micromanagement

Episode 10 – 2016

Big goals without department and individual accountability systems to support them is poison to your culture. It creates a win/lose environment.  A negative culture is like a dirty river, nothing thrives in it.  It creates a ceiling or blind beyond which your company cannot achieve.  A positive culture uplifts everyone creating fresh energy and enthusiasm. … Read More

Ask Mackey | How to Thrive

Episode 9 – 2016

Our brain is wired to be on alert to anything that threatens your survival.  The amygdala is an almond shaped sliver in the temporal lobe of your brain that is responsible for your primal emotions like rage, hate and fear.   It serves as your early warning system for danger. Once stimulated, the amygdala becomes hyper… Read More

Ask Mackey | The Prosperous Business Journey

Episode 8 – 2016

If you are an entrepreneur, have you ever found yourself just “Staying Afloat”?  It isn’t a fun worrying about how to pay your bills week to week.  These are the days of a lot of hope and hard work, with less money to show for it than you would make slinging burgers at McDonalds. For… Read More