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Attracting & Serving Gen-X & Gen-Y Clients

reposted from: Planner - AICPA Personal Financial Planning Division NewsletterMarch/April 2013, Volume 29, Number 2 When you ask baby boomers about Gen X and Gen Y, most will give you an exasperated monologue on the [...]

Taking on 5 Big Retirement Myths

reposted from thestreet.comby: Brian O'ConnellMarch 19, 2013 It is said that the ancient Greeks had a knack of wrapping truths in myths, the better to communicate everyday truths. An interesting concept, but one that won't [...]

5 Reasons Not to Co-Sign a Personal Loan

reposted from: Loans.orgby: Rebekah ColemanFebruary 19, 2013 To sign or not to sign? That is the question facing many consumers. The elusive co-signing role is one that responsible borrowers should avoid at all costs. Every [...]