Prospering in a Chaotic World

Secret Four - Measure your Progress & Reassess your Path

The fourth and final secret to being your most prosperous self is to measure your progress and take time to reassess your path. When you measure the right things, you stay focused on what is important. This is critical is a world of chaos, as it is easy to be attracted to the next shiny… Read More

Prospering in a Chaotic World

Secret Three - Create Great Structure

Secret three to being prosperous in a chaotic world is to create great structures. Structure includes the places, plans, people, and elemental pieces of your life. When you are prosperous, you are your most alive and engaged self. Think of a seed. While it remains in the seed package it doesn’t sprout and grow. But… Read More

Mother and Daughter, Partners in Business

Sarah Grace Mohr | Episode 27

reposted from: Daughters in Charge By: Amy Katz April 7, 2015 Podcast Theme: Mother and Daughter, Partners in Business Podcast Summary: A daughter learned how to work effectively with her mom and to make her own unique contributions to their family’s business. Featured Guest: Sarah Grace Mohr Key Quotes: “The first time I came back to the business,… Read More

Prospering in a Chaotic World

Secret Two - Crystal Clear Intent

Crystal clear intent is the second secret to being prosperous in a chaotic world. Your prosperity intention is a higher aspiration or value that guides your actions. Just like a lighthouse guides a ship, a clear intention statement guides you on your journey to prosperity. When you are intentional in your money life you are… Read More

Bellevue Taps Lead Fundraiser to Bring Red Bike to Town

River City News

reposted from: River City Newsby: Michael MonksMarch 12, 2015 Bellevue has appropriately turned to the head of Mackey Advisors, the Fairfield Avenue-based financial management firm, to lead its fundraising efforts to land Red Bike stations in the city. Red Bike is the bike-sharing non-profit that is spreading throughout Cincinnati and will soon creep into Northern Kentucky…. Read More

Student Loan Delinquencies on the Rise

In its Q4 2014 Household Debt and Credit Report, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York noted that the student loan delinquency rate is worsening. You can read the full report here. According to the report, student loan debt increased by $31 billion from Q3 2014 to Q4 2014, with outstanding student loan balances now… Read More

Prospering in a Chaotic World

Secret One - Knowing What is Enough

Having enough money is a foundation of happiness. Until we have enough money to meet our basic needs, we are focused on surviving. Secret one to prospering is having enough. That implies, of course, you know what enough is for you. What is enough for you? Do you have a magic happiness number? Why does… Read More

Prospering in a Chaotic World

4 Secrets of Success

With the world at your fingertips, your choices have never been greater. The pace of life has never been faster. The constant expectation from every corner of your life that you will respond immediately to any and all communications can make you feel exhausted before you step out of bed in the morning. How do… Read More

Begin with the End in Mind

Intentional Goal Setting

Our culture supports the idea that life progresses by accomplishing goals. Accomplishing goals is satisfying and gives you a feeling of accomplishment. Small ones like checking off a to do list are fun. Big ones like achieving the annual company goals are even more exciting. The life you get is a result of the choices… Read More