Client Spotlight – RiskSOURCE Clark-Theders

RiskSOURCE® Clark-Theders, formerly Clark-Theders Insurance Agency, has proudly served the Greater Cincinnati area for more than 60 years. Their mission is to go beyond insurance by understanding their clients, coworkers and community and doing what is right for them – because they care. Sticking to this mission has helped the company grow to 19 employees… Read More

My Kid is Going to Cost Me How Much!?

Time for a Financial Plan

News flash …. HOT off the press …. And one that falls squarely into the laps of the Gen Y / Millennial generation!!   Last week, the United States Department of Agriculture released its’ annual report that details the cost to raise a child from birth to the age of 18.  YIKES!!  This report doesn’t… Read More

Dollar Cost Averaging

If fear of the market keeps you up at night, one of the best and most effective ways to take advantage of any market event, good or bad, is to consider using an investment strategy called dollar cost averaging. You can automate this method to force you to invest on a regular basis regardless of… Read More

Diversification – Creating a Balanced Investment Portfolio

One method to alleviate your fear of the market is to do your homework on “the market”. Not all assets behave in the same manner at the same time. Some go up when others go down. By building a portfolio that takes this into consideration, you spread your risk across all areas of the market…. Read More

Possible Relief for Consumers with Low Credit Scores

Changes to a widely used credit score may make it more likely for consumers struggling with low scores to obtain loans. Fair Isaac Corporation’s newest FICO® credit scoring model will change certain aspects of how it computes the information on an individual’s credit report. The changes come in the wake of discussions with lenders and… Read More

Client Spotlight – dooley media

Matthew Dooley is Founder and CEO of dooley media, a boutique agency that helps clients leverage social media to grow their business. dooley media specializes in social media strategy development, execution, measurement and education.  Matthew started dooley media because he saw an opportunity for businesses of all sizes -  especially SMBs – to use social… Read More

Mackey Advisors Economic Update

2nd Quarter 2014

Economic conditions in the U.S. have shown resiliency over the past quarter despite continued global conflicts and the Fed’s gradual easing of its’ quantitative easing program.  In fact, most of the key indicators that we follow are continuing to post positive results year-over-year.  Employment is gradually and, more importantly, consistently improving and manufacturers continue to… Read More

What Does the Future Hold? – The 2014 Social Security Trustees Report

Every year, the Trustees of the Social Security Trust Funds release a report to Congress on the current financial condition and projected financial outlook of the program. This year’s report, released on July 28, contains valuable information about the health of Social Security that may help you understand how your Social Security benefits might be… Read More

Client Spotlight – HealthWorks

Denise Flickner is founder and sole owner of HealthWorks. HealthWorks is a full-service, on-site wellness partner for organizations looking to lower healthcare costs, create a healthier workforce, and track the impact of their wellness program. Denise is a AFTA certified personal trainer and has a BS in Dietetics. Denise founded HealthWorks on the premise that people… Read More

If It Were a Snake It Would Have Bit Me:

How I Saw the Bigger Picture

As many of you know, I am the one-man-band of Mackey Advisors when it comes to branding, marketing, and communications in general. For the last few months I have felt stuck. It was like all of the sudden there was a storm cloud over my creativity, and I couldn’t produce anything worthwhile. I chalked this… Read More