Client Spotlight – Full Throttle Indoor Karting

Full Throttle Indoor Karting is Cincinnati’s premier high-speed indoor go-kart track located in Springdale, near Tri-County Mall.  Everyone from the novice to the professional racer will enjoy the state-of-the-art karts and racing at speeds up to 40mph along with 14 exciting and challenging turns.  Full Throttle has youth karts and adult karts so people of… Read More

The U.S. Economy

This past month, the Mackey Advisors team attended an economics presentation by Alan Beaulieu, the President of ITR Economics and a leading authority on global economics.  His presentations are informative and detailed providing unique insight into economic trends; both short and long term.  His latest report was positive and upbeat, especially for the United States…. Read More

Client Spotlight – Glier’s Meats

In 1946, Robert Glier returned home from World War II.  He bought a small store with a sausage kitchen and a smokehouse.  Robert made sausages as his wife, Louise, assisted customers.  In the winter months, he created his version of a celebrated regional dish of pork, beef, steel-cuts oats and seasoning.  Somewhat like sausage and… Read More

Client Spotlight – Holthaus Lackner Signs

In 1929 Gus Holthaus Sr., founded Gus Holthaus Signs in a back room of his apartment in the West End of Cincinnati near the old Crosley Field.  A 3rd generation painter, Gus Sr. utilized his skills to provide Cincinnati businesses with visual identification for its customers. By 1938, the company had grown to the point… Read More

There’s No Place Like Home For The Holidays…

The traveling that comes with the holidays is often hectic.  Planes, Trains, and Automobiles does a great job of describing how everyone feels traveling near the holidays.  Steve Martin is frustrated at every turn.  He is the perfect embodiment of the social side of travel.   There are some financial lessons to be learned from the… Read More

November 1 Kicks Off Open Enrollment for Health Marketplaces

Beginning November 1, 2016, individuals (including their families) may apply for new health insurance or switch to a different health-care plan through a Health Insurance Marketplace. The open enrollment period ends January 31, 2017. Individuals can use Health Insurance Marketplaces to compare health plans for benefits and price, and select a plan that fits their… Read More

A Quick Look at the Presidential Candidates’ Tax Proposals

Though tax policies haven’t received top billing in this year’s presidential election dialogue, they’re still part of the conversation. Here’s a quick review of each candidate’s tax proposals based on information released by their campaigns. Keep in mind that regardless of who wins in November, any changes to tax policy would require congressional action. On… Read More

Negative Interest Rates – The Great Experiment

The Federal Reserve remains committed to raising the Federal Funds rate, a benchmark that can affect the interest rates charged on many types of consumer credit.  But abroad, a different experiment is underway.  As of late April 2016, six foreign central banks have adopted negative interest rates in an effort to stimulate their national economies. … Read More

5 Steps to Purposefully Changing Any Habit

The Power and Purpose of Habits

It was time for my first hire. I had no HR skills, and I was terrified. A leap of faith later, I had hired an Assistant for 15 hours a week, $10 an hour, or $150 a week!  At the time this was an enormous amount of money.  I spent more than one night tossing… Read More

When & How to Ask for Financial Help

When is the best time to plant a tree?  Twenty years ago. When is the next best time?  Today. The same thinking applies to getting financial help. When is the best time to get financial advice?  Twenty years ago.  When is the next best time?  Today. Seriously, the answer is always earlier is better.  The… Read More