Beliefs & Persistence, How do They Dance Together?

In talking with a fellow CPA recently, he said, “I have known many CPA’s who have tried, usually unsuccessfully, to start wealth management firms. “But I know of no others who have done so as successfully as you.” WOW. This took my breathe away. I closed my eyes and asked myself, “is this what I… Read More

Biomimicry 101 v5

Biomimicry, Nature & Prosperity

Biomimicry 101

I have been growing most of my own fruits and vegetables for seven seasons now. This experience has given me three primary gifts: patience, humility and prosperity. I have learned patience in waiting for a seed to sprout. It is impossible not to be humble in the presence of nature’s brilliance, for while it is… Read More

Ask Mackey Episode 4

Ask Mackey | The 5 Money Truths

Episode 4 - 2015

During the episode of Ask Mackey she discusses the 5 Money Truths as laid out in her book, The Intersection of Joy and Money ( You are responsible for your money life. Your consciousness is required for your money health. Each piece of your money life gives you the whole. Choice is the ultimate power…. Read More

Focused action

Get Where You Wanna Go

Aligning Action & Intention

Action is the force that moves us from one place to another.  Action without intention will get you somewhere.  Action paired with intention will get you where you want to be.  Would you rather get somewhere or get where you want to be? Kind of a silly question when you put it that way isn’t… Read More


Why Your Credit Score Matters

Practical Prosperity

A good credit score is essential to prosperity. Your credit score not only impacts your ability to get credit, it also impacts the interest rate you pay when you do use credit. Other than lenders, other companies use your credit score. A poor credit score can drive up the cost of your automobile coverage, or… Read More

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Ask Mackey | Self Awareness on the Path to Prosperity

Episode 2 - 2015

In episode of Ask Mackey, we take a quick look at: how we create our own glass ceilings what we can do to  become more self-aware tools to use on the journey to prosperity Mackey shares a story from her own life about self-awareness and change.     A full list of resources Mackey mentions in… Read More