How do I Price my Goods & Services?!

What is the role of product or service cost in the conversation about price?  The truth is cost has little or nothing to do with sales price.  The marketplace, that place of competition between buyers and sellers, sets price.  The price you can obtain for your product or service is based on perceived value.  CEOs… Read More

Creating a Board of Advisors – DIY or Get Help?

Part 2 of 6

This is the second in a series of blogs posts about my personal journey to putting a Board of Advisors together. To view all blog posts on our Board of Advisors please click here.    The Aileron course on Outside Boards gave me all the tools I needed to create a Board on my own.  However,… Read More

Creating a Board of Advisors – Why a Board of Advisors?

Part 1 of 6

This is the first in a series of blogs posts about my personal journey to putting a Board of Advisors together. To view all blog posts on our Board of Advisors please click here.  I was ready to up my game.  Mackey Advisors has fabulous, unique cutting edge processes and services.  Now was the time… Read More

Budgeting as a Team Building Process?!

Budgets have a bad rap.  Just the word budget makes people cringe.   People equate budgets with images of someone looking over their shoulder, losing their freedom, being restricted in their activities, or not being worthy of making a decision. The “problem” with budgets is in the process or delivery of them, not the budget itself. … Read More

A View from the Future

reposted from The Goering Center Newsletter  by: Mackey McNeill, President and CEO of Mackey Advisors   Why can’t we all see the future?  Edie Weiner, futurist, believes it is because we develop educated incapacity.  Your experience and knowledge is your greatest asset and your greatest baggage.  The bottom line is we learn too much about… Read More

The Purpose and Power of Clarity

Lessons Learned at Aileron

Last week, I spent 2 days in The Course for Presidents at Aileron. The purpose of the course is to introduce professional management techniques to business owners with revenue between $1 Million and $20 Million.  Be sure to check back for more posts about what I learned during this course.    These 2 days, like… Read More

Where are you on the Money vs. Happiness Scale?

 “At present, we are stealing the future, selling it in the present, and calling it GDP.” — Paul Hawken In 2010, two Princeton University professors sought to answer the age-old question, can money buy happiness?  Yes, but only up to $75,000. Their study found that in the United States, beyond $75,000 of personal income participants… Read More

5 Reasons you Should Love Living on a Budget

Why do we dislike budgeting?   Because it is hard work!   Seriously, budgeting, or planning your income and spending, requires that you look at your life, your priorities and your values.  Good budgeting takes introspection and most of us don’t want to spend a lot of time looking inside ourselves.  But like anything challenging,… Read More