Your daily intent:  financial services for every day


Mackey Advisors™ offers a full spectrum of financial planning and wealth management services designed to help people identify their true financial intentions, create strong, actionable plans to achieve their goals and manage and grow the wealth they accumulate. Let us help nurture your intentions and ensure your financial future stays on track… today and every day.


The Prosperity Experience

Equal parts financial planning, investment strategy and life planning, the Prosperity Experience™ will help answer questions and identity paths that you might have never realized were possible. During the process, you’ll build your own financial plan based on the personal intentions you’ve set for your life.

Investment Management

Accompany The Prosperity Experience with our comprehensive asset management services. We manage your investment portfolio in accordance with your financial goals so that the risk you take and the return you earn are justified by the life events that will require your financial resources.

Budgeting & Forecasting

Understand your cash flows and expenses and be empowered by them. Whether constructing a set budget from which to live or simply understanding where money is earned and spent, this process builds a clear picture and enables you to spend and save consciously.

Education Planning

The cost of higher education is sky rocketing. Understand both your expectations and the future cost of higher education for your children and grandchildren. Know how much you might need to save and select the proper savings tool for both your desired flexibility and efficiency.

Estate Planning

Taxes, disinheritance, long-term care, and charitable intent may be some or all of the issues facing the transfer of your wealth. Work with us to develop a plan that takes care of you now, yet ensures your legacy unfolds to your desires.

Insurance Review

Families and individuals are often under or over insured. An insurance plan will outline how much insurance you need to protect your loved ones and determine what types of insurance will work best to achieve that goal. Insurance is a financial commitment that should protect your future while not derailing other financial goals.

Tax Planning

The only thing more complex than insurance is the tax code. Many Americans leave hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table because they have not adequately assessed their tax liability. Don’t be one of them.

Tax Preparation

We double and triple check our tax returns to make sure that your return will be accurate. Our tax team is available to answer any questions you may have throughout the year, and will sit down and explain your return when complete.


Mackey Advisors™ offers comprehensive services for your life and your business. Let us be your advocate and your guide through every element of your financial future.