who is Mackey Advisors?


Mackey Advisors is your dream team for a prosperous life. 

Why? Because our focus in on the inside of your financial lives as well as the outside. We’re money people by vocation and soul people by calling. We help individuals and businesses identify the root of their money issues, their intentions for the future and develop a clear, light-filled strategy for reaching their goals.

We are seekers of joy and builders of plans for life and business. We help those in the midst of change answer their most uncomfortable financial questions and lead them toward clarity, peace of mind and a feeling of fulfillment. We are financial co-pilots. Traveling companions. Motivators and muscle.

We’re the Prosperity People.  And our mission is to make your life or your business better. 



Mackey Advisors works side by side with individuals, families, life partners and small to medium sized businesses from across the country to reveal your intention for your life, your definition of prosperity and your plan for how to achieve and balance both.  

  • Named 5 Star Wealth Manager by Cincinnati Magazine 5 years running.
  • Finalist for Northern Kentucky Chamber’s Small Business “SUCCESS” Awards in 2008 & 2009.
  • Received Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber “Best New Product/Service of the Year” award in 2007
  • Named Green Business of the Year 2010 by the Covington Business Council


Our Values:

Curiosity – we are natural explorers who seek to discover what prosperity is for our clients and how to achieve it. We understand the big picture and the smallest details. We mix financial expertise & creative thinking to enhance the work we do. We believe progress, not perfection is the key to success.

Responsibility – To be responsible means taking personal ownership of our actions and commitments, especially when we are distracted from our obligations because of outside influences. To our clients, we are responsible for working diligently to craft a solution that meets or exceeds their needs regardless of the obstacles that we encounter. To ourselves, we strive to live our lives according to our principles and beliefs without projecting them onto others while also listening openly to other points of view so that we may grow as people.

Engagement – We bring our best every day. We love our work and we love our clients. We are in the game with them to serve, learn and grow.

Integrity – Consistency in words, actions, beliefs, and values. We live our lives & do our work congruent to our beliefs and values.


Our Operating principles:

Prosperity – A balanced abundance of worth, success and security to create the right mix for you that leads to a life of happiness, satisfaction, enough-ness, and peace of mind

Care – We want the best for our clients, our teammates, and ourselves. We dig deeper and ask the tough questions. We are co-pilot, travel companion, motivator and muscle for our clients and our teammates.

Respect – We hold our clients in high esteem. We honor where they are, where they have been and where they want to go. We show respect through non-judgment, active listening, timely support, and open communication.

Choice – There is no right or wrong, there is only choice. Choice has led to where you are now, and choice will lead you where you want to go.