Sarah Grace rejoined the Mackey Advisors team in December 2009 as a Marketing Assistant.   Sarah Grace is now the Operations & Communications Director, and her duties have expanded into operations, HR, technology & administration.  On any given day, Sarah Grace can be seen processing payroll, designing marketing material, interviewing a new hire, writing web copy, lunching with a potential client, answering the phones, heading up a staff meeting or running out to Kroger because the office is out of ½ & ½. Sarah Grace was the project manager & lead designer for our renovation of 601 Fairfield Avenue.

She graduated from NKU with a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership. She is passionate about Bellevue, KY and served on the Bellevue Renaissance Board.  Sarah Grace’s awards and honors include participation in WE Lead Class 10, YWCA Rising Star and MS Society Leadership Class Member.



Q&A with Sarah Grace


Do you have any pets?

“YES! Sadie is my Harlequin Great Dane, Gibson is my Pit Bull mix, Ruby is a 9 year old Shiba Inu & I have two kitties named Bowie & Abe.”


What is your favorite food?

“Can I just say cheese? Seriously, I love anything spicy. Give me Indian, Korean, Thai or Mexican any day!


Do you have a hidden talent?

“Nope, when I have a talent for something I tend to let everyone know! Haha!”


What is your dream vacation?

“Three months in Europe on an Architecture (& cheese) tour with my loved ones.”


What has been your biggest personal “epiphany” about money?

“My biggest epiphany about money is that it is a living, breathing thing that you are in relationship with. If you neglect or abuse your money then the relationship suffers and out come the feelings of fear, anxiety, & stress. But if you care for your money & treat it with respect you can thrive & prosper with it.”


Why do you like working with Mackey Advisors?

“I like working for Mackey Advisors because the company encourages innovation & creativity. Not to mention that our clients are the best people around and the staff is absolutely amazing both in their abilities and their personalities!”