Mackey McNeill, president/CEO


Mackey Headshot 2015Mackey McNeill is the Founder and President/CEO of Mackey Advisors and fearless leader of The Prosperity People. She has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, TIME, Money, USA TODAY and Reader’s Digest, along with many other publications. Mackey is a frequent media guest and highly regarded public speaker.

Mackey Advisors serves individuals and corporate clients and has been recognized as one of the largest women-owned businesses in Greater Cincinnati.  The firm received the Best New Service of the Year award from the Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce for its life changing wealth program, The Prosperity Experience

Mackey’s passion is to support her clients in expanding their experience of wealth and prosperity. Her ideas are captured in her award winning, internationally published book: The Intersection of Joy and Money, named Most Life-Changing Book and Outstanding Book of the Year by Independent Publishers.

Mackey has the credentials to support her passion. She is a CPA, Personal Financial Specialist, Investment Advisor Representative and a certified Enneagram teacher. A native Georgian, Mackey graduated cum laude from the University of Georgia.


Professionally her honors include:

  • Northern Kentucky Accounting Executive of the Year
  • YWCA Career Woman of Achievement
  • Cincinnati Business and Professional Woman of the Year
  • Accountant Advocate of the Year by the Kentucky Small Business Administration
  • WBC’s Top 10 Women of Private Bankers and Financial Planners
  • Mackey is about community. She has held active and leadership roles in many business and civic organizations such as:
  • The Kenton County Conservancy
  • The Kenton County Conservation District
  • The Financial Literacy Task Force of the AICPA
  • Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce
  • Greater Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce
  • Leadership Cincinnati
  • YWCA Board of Advisors

Mackey’s personal mission is to passionately expand prosperity in her community, in her life and in her relationships.




Q&A with Mackey


Do you have any pets?

“Yes, the best ever 3 dogs: Wiley (8 year old mutt), Jedi (4 year old German Shepard), & Baxter (2.5 year old  mutt). I have a 13 year old cat named Oscar who is mainly of Main Coon decent, 17 laying hens & 8 ducks.”


What is your favorite food?

“Anything out of my garden. Anything local.”


Do you have a hidden talent?

“Perhaps…I am a very good cook. A wise woman. A dedicated gardener & a fisher person. If those were hidden now they are known!”


What is your dream vacation?

“Either Fly fishing for 10 days in Crow’s Nest Pass, Canada or anywhere with my family.”


What has been your biggest personal “epiphany” about money?

“That converting ‘worry’ energy into positive action is much more fun. Not always easy, but a fantastic path to personal growth. Another on is that feelings around money are important and should be honored. I know that is two, but then again I am the boss.


Why do you like working with Mackey Advisors?

“I love working at Mackey Advisors because we have a diverse and talented team and because I get to experience the difference we make in our client’s lives.”