Adam was born and raised in Newport, KY and graduated from Northern Kentucky University with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting . He joined the Mackey Advisors team in November 2012 as an Accounting Intern and was recently promoted to Staff Accountant. He is hard at work sitting for the CPA exam and hopes to have it completed by the end of 2016. Currently, his responsibilities include bookkeeping, KPI/KFI creation & updating, budgeting, forecasting, tax preparation and assembly of tax returns.






Q & A with Adam


Do you have any pets?

“My family just got a new puppy named Sophie. She is a ball of energy!”


What is your favorite food?

“I am nowhere near a picky eater so I enjoy different foods. However, nothing can beat my mom’s home cooking. Her meatloaf will always be my favorite food.”


Do you have a hidden talent?

“Although I haven’t played in a while, I was always really good at the game Guitar Hero. I could hit 100% of the notes on some songs on expert. Maybe I should try moving on to a real guitar.”


What is your dream vacation?

“Going to Las Vegas has always been a dream of mine. I would love to get a group of friends together to go and explore the city and hopefully win at the casinos.”


Why do you like working at Mackey Advisors?

“I enjoy working with my coworkers and clients. Everyone gets along and is friendly. Plus I am gaining a lot of experience in different areas of accounting that I couldn’t get elsewhere.”