our team


The dedicated Mackey Advisors  team helps people answer life’s big questions. We partner with you to shine a clarifying light on the way money exists and grows within your life or your business.

We all come from different backgrounds ranging from serving as a Budget Examiner for the President of the United States to successfully running a small CPA firm in Indiana for over two decades to being a featured expert in the Wall Street Journal. We have a true passion and drive for what Mackey Advisors is doing in the world, and can’t wait to create a prosperous partnership with you.


Lisa Henry  |  Client Experience Manager

Tom Ferkinhoff  |  CFO & Tax Division Director

Natalie Linstruth  |  Senior Accountant

Matt Lobaugh  |  Financial Analyst

Mackey McNeill  |  President & CEO

Sarah Grace Mohr  |  Operations & Communications Director

John Nunan  |  Portfolio Manager

Andy Pulsfort  |  Director of Personal Services

Adam Reynolds  |  Staff Accountant

Shirley Yoshida  |  Small Business Prosperity Coach