Cincy Chic Features Mackey Advisors!

The Mackey Advisors Team is thrilled to have been featured in the online publication, Cincy Chic!

Mackey Advisors has been in Cincinnati since 1982, when it was first started as a traditional financial services firm. Mackey Advisors eventually grew to become one of the largest women-owned businesses in Greater Cincinnati.
Today, Mackey Advisors works with individuals, couples, families, and small business owners to create prosperous lives and prosperous businesses.
What helps Mackey Advisors stand out is that it’s people helping people. “We come together with our clients as equals,” says Sarah Grace Mohr, Operations & Communications Director. “We may be the experts in finance, but our clients are experts on their lives passions, and goals, which are even more important.”

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We are a Wealth Advocacy firm dedicated to one thing, Empowering Confident Action. Clients call us trusted advisors, cheerleaders, wisdom purveyors, financial therapists, sounding boards. Call us whatever you like, we are passionate about the achievement of your wealth and prosperity goals.

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